This website,, (hereinafter called, has been created and is property of the company under the name Rizos Emmanouil distinctive title Rizos Cruises (hereinafter Rizos Cruises) established and operating pursuant to Greek Law, based in Lipsi island with VAT number 034950867 /: DOY KOS and exploit tourist boats between Rhodes and Lindos or Symi as well as other islands in Greece.

  • Rizos Cruisesis sole owner, otherwise beneficiary, content Introduction to the Website, having secured the necessary permission to use the information display to it from their alleged respective licensors.

The Website has been developed and operated to provide the Rizos Cruises’ website users (hereinafter “the user”) the possibility of receiving the services / goods including but not limited to:

  • Collecting information on tourist goods such as maritime transport services to / from a variety of destinations (e.g. to Symi & to Lindos), a variety of outdoor activities provided by third party partners and the availability of these tickets.
  • Take Transfer services (for instance, transportation by tourist buses from ports to hotels and vice versa for the other destinations, etc.).

The same general terms of use and conditions are applied for all customers proceeding with bookings through our website, by telephone, email or any other means of communication. Buying any tour or excursion, or purchasing any other product means automatically that the user accept all General Terms & Conditions.





By visiting the user accepts the following Terms of Use when booking services via

For booking services via the website, the General Terms of use of Rizos Cruises, as well as the additional conditions of individual suppliers apply, which the user can find at the service pages.

By providing Rizos Cruises with personal data, the user acknowledges and explicitly consents for Rizos Cruises (as applicable), to process your personal data in accordance with these Terms of Use and the relevant laws and regulations, including utilization of the data by Rizos Cruises employees and the transmission of the data within or outside Greece as specified herein. If the user requires special care and requests special assistance, by providing Rizos Cruises with information relating to the users physical condition, the user consents to and authorizes Rizos Cruises to use and, to the extent necessary, transfer such data in order for Rizos Cruises to provide requested service.

Processing of the users data by Rizos Cruises is based on the European Law on General data protection regulation and your voluntary consent.



All users are open to visit the website according to its intended use. The use of further service such as the booking of services does not require prior registration.

By entering the website, the user guarantees that he is at least 18 years old, that he meets the legal requirements to use the site and assumes any responsibility for minors using the site on his account. Any use of for misleading or speculating purposes, or that causes malfunction to the site in any way is prohibited. Any illegal actions from the user will cause his exclusion from the website services.


Rizos Cruises reserves the right to change the content, structure, functions, and so on, of the internet platform, add new functions, or partially or fully suspend existing content and functions temporarily or permanently, as well as attach selected functions to the fulfillment of certain conditions, at any time without notice. Rizos Cruises can partially or completely block access to the website for particular users, who are in violation of the Terms of use. All parties are legally bound by the Terms of Use at the time of visit.


Rizos Cruises strives to keep the website up to date. Notwithstanding, Rizos Cruises does not accept liability for the correctness and timeliness of the information displayed on the website. Rizos Cruises excludes liability for accessing or using this website including all the therein contained information and data.

Rizos Cruises does not accept liability for damages caused by computer viruses, spyware and other malicious computer programs.


The copyright and all other protected rights referring to the website belong to Rizos Cruises. Unless the third-party property is mentioned in the website, content belongs exclusively to Rizos Cruises. The name “Rizos Cruises” as well as all trademarks, logos and all graphic designs depicted on this website are the property of Rizos Cruises or third party associates.

Any copying, distribution, alteration, reselling, creation of derivate work, or public misleading about the real provider and the content of this website is strictly forbidden. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, posting or transmission or any other use of content in any manner or way for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior authorization of Rizos Cruises or other holder of copyright.




By booking through Rizos Cruises, the user is transferring personal data such as but not limited to name, address, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address and information about booked services, to us. This data will be stored by us in order to provide our services.

By providing all necessary information and having completed all necessary steps of the booking process, the user authorizes Rizos Cruises to mediate between providers and themselves as far as travel products and services are concerned.

All following acts on behalf of the user are considered to be mediation approval towards Rizos Cruises in order to provide all kinds of travel services published on

  • Services requested / booked by the customer through the web site, by telephone, by email or any other channel of communication.

In case Rizos Cruises amends any kind of service (e.g. tour / excursion delay, or cancellation) Rizos Cruises will try to inform the customer accordingly via e-mail or telephone communication in a timely manner. Rizos Cruises will offer alternatives dates for the cancelled reservation, if available otherwise Rizos Cruises will refund the already paid excursions and cannot be held responsible for any further reimbursements or personal expenses that might occur.

All booking requests are subject to availability and are dealt with on a “first come – first served” basis.

For tour / excursion cancellations, delays or amendments caused by a third party provider, Rizos Cruises cannot be held liable.

The user is responsible for compliance with the Terms of use, set by each third party supplier, e.g. check in time, etc. The user is informed about these conditions by the correspondent supplier.

Should the user violate the Terms of use, Rizos Cruises has the right to reject his booking order.


Right after a successful completed booking through Rizos Cruises, the user will receive an e-mail, either from Rizos Cruises or a third party provider, with the final confirmation. The user is required to ascertain IMMEDIATELY the accuracy of the confirmation (name, departure & arrival date, destination etc.) and inform Rizos Cruises in case of errors or omissions the soonest possible, and certainly within the same date of registration. Any errors, reported after the end of the workday in which the user has confirmed his booking, will not be taken under consideration. Even if the user sends the error notification on time, Rizos Cruises cannot guarantee that the error correction is possible without penalty. Many third party providers do not, at any cost or way, proceed with name correction after the ticket issuance. It should be taken under consideration that the late reporting of errors or the inability to correct those does not entitle the user to withdraw from the contract whatsoever.

The ticket is strictly personal. It is not transferable and is valid only for the specific excursion and the route for which it was issued.


The user should receive all tickets in electronic form (e-tickets) via e-mail or via text message, sent to the user’s e-mail address or mobile phone number which has been already registered during the booking process. In exceptional cases the tickets may be obtained from Rizos Cruises’ or third party supplier‘s kiosk or offices.

Rizos Cruises assumes no responsibility for loss of tickets or travel documents sent by post (courier).

The user has to present the confirmation, printed or in electronic form, along with the voucher (if provided) and present it to the tour guide, driver, or the supplier office.


In case the user travels abroad he should respect all applicable provisions for each country regarding passports, visas, customs, taxes, import-export goods, and medical devices. The website of offers some relevant information in order to assist the user however in no case the user shall hold Rizos Cruises responsible for the validity and the sufficiency of this information. For authoritative information, the user should contact the consulate of his destination.


Passengers and Vehicles must report to the embarkation port for check-in at least 1 hour before departure.


The ability to amend or cancel an excursion, a tour, a ticket, a journey or generally a service provided by Rizos Cruises or a third party provider, depends solely on the terms of use set by each provider.

The penalty which may arise in case of amendment or cancellation of a travel service is determined solely by the terms of use, of each provider and lies exclusively with the user.

In case a third party provider allows the user to amend or cancel his ticket or travel service in general, Rizos Cruises must be notified about the amendment or cancellation request by the user via e-mail, fax or any other channel of communication, in due time. If the amendment/cancellation request is received outside working hours, the day of receipt of the order will be considered the next working one. In no case Rizos Cruises shall proceed with amendment or cancellation without any written notification from the user.

In case of amendment or cancellation of ticket, travel service or product in general, booked through Rizos Cruises, the mediator fee (if applies) charged by Rizos Cruises is not refundable, In other cases, the user is charged with the penalty of a third party provider if that occurs. In case of amendment of any travel service booked through Rizos Cruises, additional reissue fees may be charged to the user.

Tickets are canceled only through our office or through the headquarters of each shipping company.

Ticket cancellation solely for Rizos Cruises (third party provider cancelation policies to be found on according web sites):
-Up to 24 hours prior to departure: 100% refund
-Up to 12 hours prior to departure: 50% refund
-12 hours or less prior to departure: NO refund
-Alternatively, tickets can be converted to “Open date tickets”, for another departure date, up to one hour prior to original departure.


Rizos Cruises mediation fee (if applies) is included in the final cost of the travel product.

Rizos Cruises receives feedback regarding costs, for third party offers, directly from the providers. However, Rizos Cruises does not assume any responsibility regarding fare amendments caused by third party suppliers, neither about fees charged by third suppliers for cancellations requested by the user. These fees shall be borne solely by the user.

Bookings not made directly through the web site may have different pricing.




The payment methods are listed in detail on the website, separately for each product or service. No other payment ways except the mentioned ones will be accepted.

In case of payment through credit card the whole amount will be deducted right after the booking completion.The credit card payment will be processed by a payment solution provider. Rizos Cruises does not store credit card information.

In case of payment through bank deposit the system provides (if permitted by the ticket fare) an automatic 24 hours deadline, so that the user deposits the entire amount. The user shall provide Rizos Cruises, as soon as the deposit is made, with a pay proof in order for the ticket to be issued and sent.

Before the settlement Rizos Cruises has no obligation to send tickets or other travel documents to the user. In any case the user has to pay for the services requested.

Rizos Cruises undertakes to send the tickets, vouchers and other travel documents only to the address indicated by the user.


The date for reimbursement of cancellation depends on the type of service.

In particular in case of cancellation or amendment for third party services, the refund will take place right after the third party provider itself has proceeded with the refund.

The refund to the customer will be made no later than the end of the month following the date of cancellation. For possible refund delays due a third party provider, Rizos Cruises does not hold any responsibility.

Regarding all other travel services booked through Rizos Cruises, the refund will be held within 30 days from the date of cancellation.



The details and information about all travel products or services are provided by Rizos Cruises and third-party providers. Rizos Cruises makes any effort to verify all information published on this website and check for any errors, omissions and inaccuracies. In any case Rizos Cruises cannot guarantee the relevance, correctness, completeness and timeliness of such information. In particular Rizos Cruises does not hold any responsibility for the following:

  • The unavailability of the travel product or service.
  • Errors, omissions, violation or denial of the supplier.
  • Injury, death, private property damage, or other damages that may occur from any services provided by the Rizos Cruisesor any third party provider.
  • Delays, cancellations due to overbooking, strike, force majeure which are not in direct control.
  • The privacy policy as far as links and third-party websites are concerned.
  • Any information provided and published by each third party provider about its offered services.

The Rizos Cruises website contains links to third party websites. The user has the exclusive responsibility for accessing and using these third-party websites and Rizos Cruises does not hold any responsibility for the availability, the privacy policy, the content of each page and its completeness, or any damage the user may suffer from using the third-party websites.

In rare circumstances the ticket fare displayed on the website of Rizos Cruises may not be valid during the ticket confirmation process, in which case Rizos Cruises bounds only for the price stated on the e-ticket mission. Rizos Cruises or its partners maintain the right to proceed with modifications of the site any time.




Rizos Cruises uses cookies. Cookies are used by most Internet service providers and allows Rizos Cruises to recognize the user’s computer when they visit our website again. Cookies are a feature of any Internet browser software and store data about the use of websites on the user’s computer.

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The user can specify in the browser software how his computer is to accept cookies. If the user disables cookies in the browser software, the user can still visit our website. However, it is possible that certain functions cannot be used to the same extent or that the visit will not be as convenient. – The user always has the option to delete cookies from his hard drive. – If the user disables or deletes cookies from the hard drive, the user prevents that certain data about the users use of the website be transmitted to Google. The user can find full details of how to manage and/or opt-out from cookies on different types of web browser on


Thanks to the Google Maps API Rizos Cruises can provide you with additional information. To this end, certain anonymous data can be transmitted to Google.



By completion of a booking (conclusion of the contract), with a third-party provider a part of the user’s data will be transmitted to the booked company so it can properly provide its services. This company can be located outside of the European Union and may apply its local legal provisions on privacy protection. In that case, Rizos Cruises cannot guarantee that the data will be protected in accordance with EU laws and regulations.


Under certain circumstances Rizos Cruises and/or the third party provider are obliged to pass on or make certain information available to authorities. Some data is transmitted to Google, as outlined in section 5. In case of a booking and payment thereof, the necessary data for payment processing will be provided to an external payment provider.

Rizos Cruises reserves the right to pass on information to third parties, authorities, and so on, if it is necessary to ward off claims and demands of all kinds.



Data is used for contract settlement, improvement of website functions and its presentation, design of product pages, as well as for analysis, marketing and consulting purposes.



If the user books a service from Rizos Cruises, the user gives Rizos Cruises permission to send relevant messages and documents online. The company who provides the service also has the right to send messages to the user. Rizos Cruises tries to ensure that offers visitors what they are looking for. In order to achieve this goal, Rizos Cruises may use the users’ data for analytical purposes, for quality improvement, for service development, to improve the performance of the website, to measure the success of our advertising campaigns or to tailor services to the users’ queries. For these purposes Rizos Cruises may transfer your non-personally identifiable information such as, but not limited to, anonymous demographic information, online behavior to our contracted partners. No such data will be disclosed to third parties except in aggregate, non-personally identifiable form.

By subscribing for newsletters, the user expressly consent – being aware of the adequate information on the data processing – to receive direct marketing communications including direct marketing or special offers of Rizos Cruises or of its contracted partners.

For the purposes of sending the user such direct marketing communications/special offers, Rizos Cruises will process following personal data: name, e-mail address.

Such consent is voluntary. The user can unsubscribe any time without giving any reasoning, free of charge via the link provided in each newsletter.


Rizos Cruises holds the right to amend or renew the above stated website terms of use with no responsibility to notify the user. The current terms of use will each time be displayed on the website. In case of amendments the customer by further use of the website automatically accepts the actual terms of use.

The validity of these conditions cannot be limited to any contrary terms of user transactions. Amendments and additions to these conditions are valid only if agreed to a legal representative of Rizos Cruises. Amendments and additions to these terms as well as additional agreements should only be made in writing though fax or e-mail.


Any transaction between the user and Rizos Cruises is governed by Greek law excluding the rules of the international private law.

The courts of Rhodes will be responsible for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties.


In accordance with the Directive 2013/11/EU and the Regulation 524/2013 of the European Union, any complaints that occur between consumers and merchants in the European Union related with provision of online services may be submitted to the online dispute resolution platform. This platform offers a quick way to achieve out-of-court agreements.








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