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Our ship sails to Lindos every day and the trip duration is about 1 hour and 50 minutes. In Lindos you will have 3 hours of free time to discover one of the most beautiful places in Greece, the famous Acropolis of Lindos as well as the beautiful graphical village of Lindos. Also you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and many local taverns with traditional cuisine. The boat departs at 14:00 towards the “Blue Lagoon” of Tsambika beach, for 30 minutes of swimming and snorkeling. The last stop is the majestic Anthony Quinn Bay, which was the impressive natural setting for the movie “The Guns of Navarone”. During our 30-minute stop you will discover one of the most amazing seabeds of the Mediterranean Sea, with colorful fish swimming among corals and seaweed. We return to Rhodes harbor at 17:30 following the stunning coastline of the island. Full bar on board with a variety of cold drinks, cocktails, coffee and more in reasonable prices.

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Lindos is a village of Cycladic architecture located on the island of Rhodes.

Although the number of locals is very small, tourists from different parts of the world flock here during the summer, impressed by the scenery, one of the white whitewashed sugar-shaped houses, known as “captain’s houses” and the another of the virgin turquoise bay.

Although it is a medieval town connected by sidewalks with cobbled streets that were built between the 13th and 16th century, it hosts many tourist accommodations due to the special beauty that this place offers.

Legend has it that Lindos was founded by one of the gods, the sons of Zeus, and dates back to 1000 BC, when it was founded by the Dorians. The architecture of the village combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding area, make this place a busy tourist center, especially during the summer months.


Acropolis of Rhodes

The citadel of Rhodes dominated the western and highest part of the city. It did not have a fortification character like the old citadels. It was a monumental zone with sanctuaries, large temples, public buildings and underground places of worship. The buildings were built in steps on different levels, on shaped platforms that were supported by strong retaining walls. It was “full of fields and groves” according to the description of the orator Ailios Aristides (2nd century AD) The spirit of Hellenistic architecture in the citadel of Podos, is perfectly expressed by the combination of natural beauty with artificial interventions. The monuments of the acropolis date back to the Hellenistic and post-Hellenistic era.

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Lindos  top 10 attractions

  1. Lindos
  2. Acropolis of Lindos
  3. Lindos Beach
  4. Saint Paul Beach
  5. Glystra Beach
  6. Church of Panagia
  7. Lindos Boat Trips
  8. Tsampika Byzantine Museum
  9. Tomb of Kleoboulos
  10. Vliha Bay

About Lindos

Lindos is located 49 km away from the city of Rhodes.


It is considered one of the most picturesque villages of Rhodes.

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In the narrow streets you meet “wild” natural landscape, small courtyards with mosaic white and black pebbles and mansions with their date engraved engraved.

The center of the village is pedestrianized, the only means of transport are donkeys and motorbikes, which serve as taxis.

For many, Lindos is a village of intense archaeological interest, as it houses the medieval walls, the ruins of the ancient citadel, the sanctuary of Athena, the Byzantine Church of Panagia and many archaeological monuments scattered inside and just outside the city.


Lindos was and remains the top tourist destination outside the Old Town, but without altering the traditional element.


The beach of Lindos, with its crystal clear and shallow waters attracts thousands of visitors.


In the embrace of the same bay are two sandy beaches equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.


There are many modern tourist facilities around.


If you love diving, Lindos is the place for you! Discover the abundance of colorful fish and corals in the underwater world of Lindos.


Lindos is one of the most beautiful resorts on the island.