10 Reasons to come at Rhodes!

The Old Town magnetizes you from afar and invites you to pass its gates, walk in its narrow cantonments, visit the empty palaces and castles of the knights. The wonderful beaches will cover even the most demanding tastes, while the hinterland with its villages will become a field of endless explorations! The Middle Ages leftits mark here. The current appearance of the island is due to the presence of the Order of the Knights of St. John, but also to the Italians who occupied the Dodecanese for 36 whole years. Today Old Rhodes with 6000 inhabitants is consideredthe most vibrant medieval city in Europe and has been designated by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site”. that the largest island of the Dodecanese is not one that will be easily presented to the visitor. With a quick calculation, to find out; theport of Prasonisi, at the southern tip of the island, you will need to travel more or less almost 100 kilometers! If you now put in order the short, but necessary micro-tours and detours that you will want to do during the route, surely your counter will write many kilometers!